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6c | Starterset Roland® | NOVA-X® PRO | Permanent Chip

539,90 €
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All Inclusive Startset
Premium Eco Solvent NOVA-X® PRO
Compatible for Roland®
  • 6x empty cardridge
  • 6x 1 Liter Premium Eco Solvent NOVA-X® PRO
    ink CMYK (made in Belgium) and OEM Adaption
  • 6x Permanent Chip
    Once the chip is installed you only have to fill the ink. Nothing is easyer!
  • NOVA-X® PRO is a premium Eco-Solvent ink. It replaces the Roland® Eco-Sol Max and is 100% compatible and color matched perfectly. All profiles and settings can be maintained.

    It has been specially formulated for all Roland® Printers. Inks are safe to use in unventilated environments (cyclohexanone or isophorone free) thanks to their low odour and non toxic rating. They offer a similar colour gamut to OEM (see chart) and an improved adhesion and chemical resistance. NOVA-X® PRO inks offer great performance on a wide variety of standard substrates, even at high speed printing. The NOVA-X® PRO is fully compatible. There is no need to flush or spend costly time creating new profiles. You can use up your OEM ink and only replace cartridges individually or replace with a complete set of NOVA-X® PRO
  • Replaces the EcoSol Max ink from Roland
  • Ink stability. Color gamut similar to OEM. Ink compatibility with OEM
  • High Quality. Made in Belgium.
    Did you know: Roland DG Benelux was founded in 1985 in Oevel (Belgium).
  • Reduce significantly cost of printing without sacrificing time and quality
  • Outdoor durability without lamination: similar to OEM
  • Original profile can be used
  • 100% compatibility with original printer components
  • Will not cause clogging and misfiring
  • No need to use mechanical ventilation
  • Small ink particle size for keeping the print-heads clean
  • Optimal drying time compatible with high speed printing modes
  • Excellent adhesion and compatibility with wide range of coated and uncoated substrates
  • Strict quality control procedures to ensure consistent and reliable products
  • Available colors: CMYK | LC | LM
  • NOVA-X® PRO Eco-Solvent ink for:
    SP | SC | SJ | VP | EX | RS | VS | XJ
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